baby shaq

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2010-03-25 15:51:35 (UTC)


Today i was voted on the yearbook as most likely to be
famous. A teacher asked me how it feels to be voted as
that. I told her it was very cool to be that. I still feel
the same as before.

I thought it was pretty cool the picture that we took. It
was the girl was happy for me to give her my autograph.
She looked a little exagerdated about the autograph. I
still like to be that role.

Some of the kids in my class said i would not be that
person. But i proved them wrong and told them it. But they
still said i should not have made but i did. And when i do
get older i still will be that person and i will be a
famous person. Then i will look back and say the kids at
douglass were actually right.