My Lady & I
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2010-03-25 15:31:38 (UTC)

Work Mates Is Cool.

I woke this morning feeling a little apprehensive about the
day ahead. Unlike yesterday there was no doubt about my
feelings for the lady and I think it was this more than
anything that frightened me. I still knew that any of the
dreams that filled my head were only ever going to be
dreams but I’ve somehow convinced myself that somewhere,
somehow there may be some crumbs of comfort left out for me

This morning there wasn’t as many logs to bring up because
I’d filled everything up yesterday so I was finished before
Lady Alex put in an appearance. While I waited one of the
house ladies got me changing a light bulb in a passageway.
When Lady Alex did come down she greeted us a whole rather
than as individuals, I much prefer the up close approach to
be honest, this other way left me feeling a little
neglected! She asked if I had made out the shopping list
which I had and checked it about ten times as I didn’t want
anything to go wrong. She said I was to come to the hall
around 2 then we would be back in time for me finishing
work. As a way of dismissing me she said for me to carry on
as yesterday if it wasn’t too cold out. She was a bit
surprised when I told her that I’d finished except for
taking away the rubbish and I didn’t know what she wanted
doing with that. She said to leave it until she had time to
show me and if I wanted I could make a start on tidying out
the old conservatory so that is what I spent all morning

I was ringing the back door bell at two as instructed, the
housekeeper answered the door and said to wait in the
pantry which is the room just inside the backdoor. I’m not
sure why they call it a pantry as its used as the laundry
room. It was about ten minutes before Lady Alex arrived
apologising for keeping me waiting. It was well worth the
wait though as she looked so beautiful in her own plain
sort of way. She had on brown tartan trousers that
complimented her rear to perfection unfortunately she went
and put on her long coat so that was the end of fine views
from that region. It’s perhaps as well as she was
distraction enough at the best of times.

As we were driving off she asked, ‘Do you drive Jake?’.

‘I have passed my driving test but can’t afford a car yet’
I replied.

‘Oh, so if I need a chauffer anytime I know who to call
then’ she said with a smile.

I told her that I think I would need more practise on my
own before I drove someone like her around.

After this there followed a period of silence that grew to
be uncomfortable in the extreme. While she had been talking
to me I had managed to relax but now I could feel tension
building. I was trying to think of something to say but the
more I thought the less I could think. Coming from a family
that had drilled in to us from an early age that children
should be seen and not heard or another favourite ‘speak
when you’re spoken to’ there was never going to be much
hope of me kick starting the conversation. As much as I
wanted to be with my lady if she had told me to get out
there and then I would have been very pleased to do so.

Suddenly her voice cut across my thoughts like a rifle shot.

‘Are you always this quiet Jake or do you have something on
your mind’?

I have the most beautiful sexy woman in the whole world on
my mind, I was wondering how could her husband be away from
her for such long periods, maybe that’s what I should have
told her and got it over with one way or the other but
instead I chickened out and replied that I am a quiet
person but also a little shy with people I don’t know,
which is quite true but not necessarily the whole reason in
this instance.

‘I’m not a monster you know Jake. The only real difference
between us is the money’ she said in a sympathetic and
sincere voice.

I could think of lots of differences between us besides
money but I think what she was giving me was an invitation
to be myself rather than a lecture on our different
lifestyles so there wasn’t much I could say against her

Anyway before I could answer she reached over and gently
gave my right forearm a squeeze saying, ‘Try and relax, and
if it helps think of me as a workmate rather than Lady
Alex, save the pedestal for his lordship, he appreciates
that sort of thing more than I’.

I looked right in to her eyes, they were so kind and
smiling, I knew she was right and I don’t want to be a jerk
with her, she is too nice for that so I decided there and
then to try and be myself if that’s what she really wanted
and it was her own fault if I said something she didn’t

‘I haven’t met your husband yet but I’m sure you would look
much better on a pedestal than he would any day’, I
replied, hoping I didn’t make it sound too corny.

‘Well I don’t know about that but the thing is we have to
be formal when others are around but when we’re working
alone together like now, we have to be more relaxed and
open or the whole thing is going to be pretty gruesome
don’t you think’?

I nodded in agreement, I knew exactly what she meant and so
as to show I was trying jokingly added,
‘Like back there you mean’!

She seemed to like that and laughed, ‘Yes that was jolly
gruesome indeed, I thought perhaps it was my driving that
was leaving you speechless’.

The rest of the day has been great, its really strange what
happened and so hard to explain how what she said has made
me feel so different. I guess the fact that she said to
think of her as a workmate when we’re doing something
together is the crumb that I was hoping for. I mean,
workmates is cool isn’t it!