My Thoughts
2010-03-25 13:10:01 (UTC)


can heal
can deepen
can make worse
can make you wait
can hold on
can last forever
can fly
can stand still
time controls your actions, decisions and motives in life.
time is the one thing that you cannot have power over the
one thing that no one can come to control which can in a
way be fearfull. Time... the thing that everyone has wanted
to turn back or skip or delete at one stage or another but
unlike todays tech culture time is the one thing that is
forever in your past and forever in your immanemt future.
time can make you fearfull, happy, sad, exited, mournfull,
reflective... time is the most powerfull thing on earth as
it has the power to make people feel every emotion without
people having the power to cause time to stop. therefore
forcing people to feel these emotions in one way or
another... time is not just a concept of hours and minutes
but a concept so much larger.

Lesson of the Day: time is everything. the way we feel. the
way act. and the way we look forward into our futures and
back at our pasts.