My Thoughts
2010-03-25 12:03:27 (UTC)


and shes off.... off on a new adventure all over again. i'd
like to say that i am not a creature of comfort but the
reality is that i am anything but. its hard for me, you
know making new friends and fitting in but somehow it
always happens somehow i always end up happy. well atleast
happy on the surface. i prefer to be with the ones i have
known since childhood, to be in sydney, to be in the same
home and to never stray away too far but this adventure has
been something that has made me push my boundries past the
norms which causes a really uncomftorable and awkward

This adventure has been anything but boring and it makes me
wonder what if? what if i had made myself uncomftorable at
other times in my life and challenged myself... would my
reality become different? or would it change the person
that i have become today? and if so would it be for the
better or worse?

ahhh. so many questions that i wish someone could answer
for me and so many questions that i know i can only answer
myself... thats the mystery of life. It can take a life
time to figure one question. its rather daunting knowing
that i may never know the answer or that i might not know
how or why things happen but i guess not knowing is a
driver towards ambition of knowing. You see if we all knew
the right answers there would be no reason to life and no
lessons learnt.

so lesson of the day: if you dont know the answer guess.
cause sometimes that guess may be the closest answer you
will ever find. Xx

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