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2010-03-25 04:48:59 (UTC)

March 24, 2010

Well it was one week ago yesterday that I miscarried. I'm
feeling much better now physically and i guess emotionally
I'm not doing so bad I guess. I think that we are gonna
start trying right away again I want to anyways hopefully
Jake is ready. I don't know hopefully all goes well and I
get pregnant right away again and it sticks this time. I
really wanted a girl but as long as we can get pregnant and
keep a healthy and full term pregnancy thats all i care

On a diffrent note tommorow we go see Ron White. YAY!!!! I
can't wait I'm so excited!!

I work saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday and
thursday and have class on monday and wensday and thursday
and then Friday morning we leave for illinois for the
weekend. Then home to get wedding invites out and back to
school and work. Yippie skippy

anyways I'm out for the night have fun all.