Glass Arson

Ramblings of an Insane Teenager
2010-03-24 22:09:21 (UTC)


Hawaii was interesting. Nothing more, nothing less. The
whole time I could think of naught but the fact that I
feel better alone than any other time.

It's strange, growing up with no clear image of yourself.
You're never good enough, you can't do anything right. And
everyone says you're the best that's ever been. I want
this to stop. I want to be known, know myself for what I
really am. Am I really worthless? Would the world be
better off without me?

He meets me every day. He knows. And yet we do nothing. I
blame my heart, fragile and tattered from memories I've
never been able to erase. I want to convey my desires, but
sometimes speaking is useless when nobody listens.

Maybe I'll sing. If only my voice was better.

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