My Lady & I
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2010-03-24 16:42:13 (UTC)

Plain Old Jane.

I seem to remember something about if you sleep on
something it will seem different the next morning. I went
to sleep last night my head full of the past day’s events,
in fact I went to sleep having made a bit of a mess of my
bed sheets which I need to try and sort out before mum
discovers it. Anyway the thing is, this morning I woke with
a different view in my mind. I was down to earth with a
bump and feeling very stupid for getting all excited about
a woman who would never have the slightest interest in
someone like me. I don’t know where all my stupid idea’s
came from or why but I rolled out my bike this morning in a
quite dejected mood and arrived at the back door of the
hall feeling no better.
I’d been told to report to the hall every morning, this
morning I was let in by a lady who I later discovered is
the house keeper. She informed me that Lady Alex would be
down to see me shortly and until then I had to busy myself
bring firewood from the cellar. She showed me a big wooden
chest in a passage way off the main hall and there was a
big copper bucket to be filled by the fire in the hall
itself. I had filled the big chest and was just delivering
a basket full of wood to the bucket in the hall when I
heard my lady’s voice say,

‘Good morning Jake, how are you this morning?’

I turned to answer and saw her walking down the stairs. She
had spoken as though she were greeting a friend which once
again set my heart skipping.

‘Oh jolly good you’ve stock us up with logs, if you could
do that whenever we have a fire I would be most grateful’
she said approaching me.

After the way I felt earlier I was trying my hardest not to
get so excited but it was hopeless. Already I was bursting
in the trouser department and for no good reason that I
could lay a finger on. Once again she came so close that I
could feel her breath on my face, I’m sure if anyone
happened to pass they would think we were about to embrace
or something. Because I was trying to be more composed I
took a better stock of her while she was discussing the
proceeding for the day. I wanted to know what it was about
her that got to me so easily. Her hair was neat and well
groomed and tied back in a pony tail today but it was not
the hair of a model or even hair that looked like it spend
a lot of time at the hair dressers. Her eyes are brownie
green in colour and even look a little bug eyed so you
couldn’t call them alluring or in any way sexy. Her lips
are not full or pouting and some of her teeth are slightly
out of line. The skin on her face is pale very clear and
smooth, it invites you to gently stroke it. If there was
make up I couldn’t tell although I’m not an expert on
ladies make up. Today she had on what I would describe as a
very long woollen sweater that reached as far as her knees.
Whilst it clung to her body in a way that revealed every
curve the dress itself was not particularly exciting in any
other way, and the colours were a subdued mix of browns,
greens and maroons. I hadn’t noticed her breasts yesterday
which wasn’t surprising as like her bottom there were no
more than a couple of handful to notice but like her bottom
and a few other parts of her body they cried out to be
held, in fact I would go as far as to say that I wanted to
take the whole of her in my arms and hold her forever. All
in all Lady Alex is a very plain Jane yet I had an almost
crippling erection, my heart was skipping all over the
place and my brain seemed to have given up altogether and
what’s more she was informing me of a further visit later
in the day to discuss some work she wanted me to do in the
garden, in the mean she asked if I could take a look at the
Raspberries as they were in need of a good sorting out, not
the only thing either thought I as she walked away, I did
think of sorting out something in the cellar but thought it
was a little too close to home.

By the time she came looking for me in the garden it was
raining not to mention cold and she seemed a little subdued
so the meeting was quite down to earth, my brain even
stayed connected to the rest of my body, the first time
ever. I must be tiring of her!! Anyway she wants me to
train some fig trees and red currant bushes on one of the
walls, the trees are already there but there are no wires
to fasten them too so I have to work out what I need to do
the job and then.... tomorrow she is taking me shopping!!!
You know what that means? Ages spent alone with her – just
me and her! I am so nervous it’s like going on a date with
her or something. Look well if she wants to stop off in
some secluded lay-by and ravage me – sigh!

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