my life
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2010-03-24 12:15:41 (UTC)

day 4 morning

good morning world!!!! so im so sorry i didnt write yesterday!!i was so busy.... i woke up late...rushed to school..my maggles came home with me after skool and then herbf and then she went t prac and my mom her friend allenmike and i all went t eat. then my friend kris came over and my mom went to get magles and yea by hen it was like 930. weplayedmore uno and eventually went to bed orhome around 1145. it was fun but now im tired. today is band day!!!! o btw yestrrday was dans bday! loland tomorrow is maggles. tonight im thowing her a surprise bday dinner.friendsare meeting us at ihop :-) well i gtg to skool. ttyl -Lizzie