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2010-03-23 22:05:05 (UTC)


Well I'm back and it sucks because I have French homework and I have
ALOT too .

Well back to the better stuff like for example today in English class we
had this ROMANIAN teacher and it was funny because she barely even
spoke English.

Ya so I don't no what to write about but OH ya I forgot,ok I know this
wanna be guy that every girl loves and is all gaga over and I told his hot
girlfriend (ya and this girl is really hot too ) that he got pantsed (and he
accually did ) in grade five and he had no pants on for like 2 min.all these
girls were staring and than he got his pants back and Beat up the kid who
did it and his girlfriend laughed.

Also today in gym a sub told a gay guy to chose 2 randome themes and
tell it to all the guys in the gym class and we had to act it out and guess
what the first one was ....... It was GAY guys and the teacher didint even
care and the second one was Justin beiber! So we HAD to do that infront
of like 30 girls!ya and the gay loser didint have to do it ok so now bye.