My Life
2010-03-23 20:57:37 (UTC)


Today i had fun with my best friends but then i came home
after to find one of my other friends upset. she is never
normaly like this! She had resently just bought a pair of
hockey boots off of me because she was going to start ice
skating. but then her dads girlfriend had to be evil and
say she would fail at skating. but then i got worried
because she is always saying how mean avril is ( her dads
girlfriend ) and stuff like that so i showed my mum the
convosation because i didnt no what do about it. but then
10 minutes later i received a text from her saying that
she said to avril that she would fail at tennis and avril
said back to her oh well you would fail at skating and
laughing about it ..... OH WELL A COMPLETLY DIFFERRENT
STORY FROM ERLIER!!!! i think she only said that to make
me feel bad. i had one friend like that always making up
lies to make me fell guilty or bas or upset till i
realised she only did that to make herself feel better!
life can be mean!!!

signed LilTownGirl

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