My quest for love
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2010-03-23 10:44:48 (UTC)

moving on

Well that brings us to the start of 2009, god i hope this 1
bring better news and fun things to come......

Work 2night so guna just chill out 2day and be lazy ahha why
not ay i deserve it....

Well its been a busy night at work and to top it off i got
to meet my uncles new girlfriend Diane, shes seems nice and
friendly.... Dances and mixes with all his friends so cant
be bad can it... Works been stress tonight sick of drunks
leering over the bar at me and asking for my number.. i mean
PLEASE I'd certainly wouldnt pick a bloke who came in this
place.... Dudley of all places is the last place i expect to
met my price charming lol....

Hmmm what to do after work now thas the big question????

Maybe me kim and a few others should go back to mine for a
few drinks, yes thats the way forward i think