My Thoughts
2010-03-23 08:15:01 (UTC)

28.07.09- If i could be anywhere but here

I am so over trusting people and thinking that people will
actually stick by me through shit. Cause honestly all I am
realising is that I cant trust anyone and that no matter
what I am going to do I am always going to get fucked over
and that I am always going to fuck others over
unintentionally. I wish I had the courage to disappear
from here and never come back.. I cant handle these
people, the people that say shit and don’t follow it
through. Of course there are the people that I don’t know
what I would do without like my family… but other than
that I don’t trust anyone. Sure I would miss them but I
know they wouldn’t miss me as much as I missed them… they
would get over it and not think of me again. So if I had a
choice right now at this very second I would disappear,
get away from this place, from this earth, I would rather
die and be alone then be in this place where I am
surrounded by people that I have to always be mindful of.
This all is just the beginning of the problems in my life…
So in conclusion, if I could be any where but here right
now I wouldn’t be here, if i stay here I will be always
wishing that I could go and if I went I would miss here
but be happy. So in the end there is no conclusion there
is no where where I will be happy, no where where I will
be free so I will just always have to stay eternally
unhappy wherever I am and wherever I go.

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