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2010-03-23 08:08:55 (UTC)

30/01/09- Insecurities

There are some girls who are pretty, there are some who
are smart, there are some who show their insecurities and
there are some who hide them, but these insecurities that
are shown or not shown are the one thing that connects us
all together.
Weather it’s our Bodies, our friends, our families or the
way that we are considered ‘cool’. We are all inevitably
the same. Yet we condemn some for showing them and we
accept those who hide what they are truly most insecure
When we know that someone has an insecurity do we
subconsciously exploit and take advantage of it just to
make ourselves feel that little bit better or do we forget
that insecurity so that when we do exploit or take
advantage we done feel the guilt.