My Thoughts
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2010-03-23 08:07:37 (UTC)

15/09/09- but her mother

This girl she sits here all alone with a house full in her
family home
Yelling fighting shouting all day long her whole life is
bought up as wrong
Nothing she says is ever listened to and she is told all
day that she doesn’t have a clue
And her family wonder why she’s sad and why she has turned
out so bad
There is one thing in life that she has loved, one thing
only that she has given her whole life
But now her mother who always was there has made her not
want to even want to care
She pushes not knowing where to stop and pushes and pushes
and till the girl get angry
And then she screams and shouts and her mother does not
understand why.
So her mother says things that should not be said and
makes her daughter wish she was dead.
But the mother does not realise the impact of what she
says cause the girl now wants to leave
Never to come back, she cries alone once again after
another attack.
You see her mother treats her differently and makes
excuses as to why it’s always her
Who gets in-trouble and who can’t do things, who cant go
out and who cant really sing.
But when her brother was her age he was free and their
mother never made him stay she feels like
She has to pay for the things that her family has done,
not for the things that she herself has won
Her expectations on this girl are crushing her, taking
away her passion, killing her inside.
But her mother blaming it on everything else in her life,
the things that never turned out right,
On one day when something did happen to this girl, this
one day that did change her world.
But her mother… not knowing what to say just stands there
and then walks away.