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2010-03-23 08:05:14 (UTC)

23/03/10- Judging

You know i am lying here thinking about how my life would
be different if i were skinny... and all i can come up
with is that i would have a bunch of fake people around me
who only like me because of what i look like...
I came to my college knowing that i would be put in the
category of 'the fat girl' which in a way i have grown to
be okay with... because being that girl has not always
been a disadvantage in my life.

My Friends at home and my school friends like me for who i
am and it sucks cause at college most of the kids just
dismiss me because i am a larger girl. The girls here are
so superficial but the funny thing is that over time when
i open up they will realise that im actually a cool person
and you will be surprised how many people will call me a
friend at the end of these 4 years. But in saying that i
have made some amazing friends....

When i first started at my new highschool in years 11 and
12, i didnt make friends with most of the girls cause i
thought they were all spoilt and selfish but like others
perceptions of me i did learn that my initial thoughts
were wrong and in realising this i have made some amazing

So lesson of the day.... dont judge a book by it's cover
cause in the end your the one that misses out Xx