2010-03-23 01:58:09 (UTC)

Monday,march, 22,2010

Ok well my march break just ended and I went to school today:(
Ok today in gym ( or phisical edication ) I saw the GROSSES thing .I saw
a really hot girl locking lips with the UGLYEST guy and belive me I am
NOT jelous but I'm shure the teacher saw but downt ask me why they
didint do anything!

I don't have anything else EXCITING so i will Just blab on about Less
important things . After gym some retard in my class WROTE on my
FACE with a SHARPIE! I almost lost my cool but it took me the rest of the
day to get it of fortunetly it was only last period.

So that was the end of my " exciting" life at school and I will be back
tommorow writing about these CrAzY people at my middle school oh ya I
forgot to tell you about my awesome homeroom teacher that BROKE her
neck and now we are stuck with a stupid b***h of a sub.
So see ya tommorow :p