my life
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2010-03-23 00:17:47 (UTC)

day 2-night

TODAY WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (other than the random
rain!!!!) So i step outside to catch my bus and my hair
immediately turns into a giant fuzz ball!!! It was horrible.
Then i realized i forgot my trombone!! I ran back grabbed it
and ran to the bus stop... which by the time i got there my
hair was drenched. END of bad day...I got to school and went
to the band room put my stuff away and bumped into DAN ( :D
) We hugged (:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D) and then he asked me to go to
the movies this weekend... again :D:D:D:D.....
We had band first block and i was soo happy! like OMG! He
was looking at me and smiling.. and omg it was fabulous!!
After that i had early childhood...woot...However the kids
were freaking amazing today!!!!!!! Math sucked... eng
sucked... then i went home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i saw Okoya
and we met at Mcdonald's then came back to my house... we
watched a FULL MOVIE (first time thats ever happened) then
we talked about how he has a gf but how im still so fucking
tempting to him.. and i totally understood cuz just cuz we
broke up (twice) I still love him... soo fucking much! OMG I
LOVE HIM! He and i got in trouble last yr and i got grounded
for the ENTIRE SUMMER!!!! it was ridiculous! ANYWAYS then we
ended up eventually having sex :D :D :D :D :D. It was
amazing.. totally worth the wait of not seeing him for 2
months. but then i felt totally guilty cuz u know he has a
gf. I don't understand how he can have a gf and still love
me... it just seems soo wrong!!! Oh well...i guess thats his
problem. He said we might hang out next monday! I just
wonder if he really loves me for me or just for sex. I mean
he was hard during the movie and we didnt do anything... idk
i mean i love him but im not totally sure about how he
feels. If he really loves me then he shouldn't have a gf
thats just fucked up!!!!!!!!!!! We went to mcdonald's again
to meet up with some other friends and then his gf showed
up... she looked at me (we'd never met!!) and said OMG YOUR
SOO LIZZIE!!) i was like ummm yea.... i am and then Okoya
looked at me with a look that means omg i fucking love u!!
then he gave her that look..........I was so mad!! omg!!!
anyways then I went home and now i'm writing to u...whoever
u are...