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2010-03-23 00:13:09 (UTC)

3/19 Friday

-got up around 12pm and bb already left for hospital
-i had to go hospital too but left makeup in office;
-came to office briefly to answer some emails and put on
-went back home to pick up a jacket and rushed to hospital
-bb left after i got there to run errends and prob do his
car thing
-i stayed for 2 hours and asked vince to help dumping the
-he and boy came around 5pm; went shopping while waiting
for me; i got home, went hillsdale Nordstrom to buy bb's
face wash and shopped a lil bit
-ging was treating dinner since i couldn't make it
yesterday for the foot massage
-came to Gerry's for dinner; stayed until almost 12am; got
pissed b/c the black guy and his fat girlfriend took our
seats; and i was craving for fried food
-came to Ihop for onion ring and fried chicken
-came home to relax and digest; ended up having sex twice
-rushed home at 2am; got home before bb did

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