2010-03-22 23:46:03 (UTC)

3/20 Saturday

-forgot what time i got up but should b afternoon
-came to the house to get something then visited his mom
in the hospital
-stayed for a while then came home
-couldn't decide where to go that night (ana too
expensive, apt 24 maybe not fun, alex maybe go john
collins, etc)
-i think i started shit again around 8pm and i was
supposed to get ready by 9 and drop off tax papers first
before we head to the city
-bb left at 9 something but i had to re glue my lashes and
get dressed; saw vince car outside and triggered him
again, made the not coming to outside door rules
-got out of the door at almost 10:30pm
-since i didn't know where i wanted to go, came to the
filopino place first. didn't like the crowd, didn't like
the music, his sister was leaving, took forever to get
drinks, i decided to go apt24
-it wasn't very crowded but we were the only table and the
music was much better
-adrian and his facebook friend came too; i got wasted and
made out with her for the first time at a club
-lucky chance after with alex and andy; bought bb to-go
-couldn't remember much of it but i guess i was texting
vince after i got home and passed out and didn't delete
his "love u too"; bb got mad after seeing it but i already
passed out; he had to wait until the next morning