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2010-03-22 23:30:27 (UTC)

3/21 Sunday

-woke up in the afternoon with a headache and bb
confronted me about the texts and was very mad and asked
me to choose again; finding out the "love u" texts are
actually better than finding out what we been doing.
question for me is: is it worth it?
-had to take him talking about Vince/filipino for a whole
day! he wanted me to text him but i didn't (at least have
to tell him first right)
-bb went to pick up his sister and i was supposed to get
ready but on MSN with Vince for an hour
-he came back to pick me up, went to pho, then hospital,
stayed until 8pm, then dinner at Mexican
-bb wanted to go Target but i was cold and tired so we
came home
-shower, laundry, online, watched Halloween II, went to
sleep around 4am AGAIN

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