A small town girl, with a big dream.
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2010-03-22 20:15:41 (UTC)

The girl who never loses hope .

Dear Diary and Readers,
Welcome to the life of a dreamer.
So my names Nina, Nina Plavnik to be exact . I just turned
thirteen on Febraury 17th . I live in a tiny little
country, well actaully its a principality [ i think thats
how you spell it ] called Monaco, most of you probably
haven't heard of it because its really small and its 5
minutes away from France and also Italy . I'm not Monagast
or French for that matter . I am Russian / American,
strange nationalities, right ? I go to school in France
called ISN [international school of nice]. I brush brown
hair, and see through a mix of brown and green eyes .
I'm around 1m62, for my age thats pretty tall . I live with
my Mother, which I love dearly, and I'm very close to but
she doesnt always get me, you know what I mean ? I have 3
sisters, Inga, Kate, and Rada, all in there twenties and
they all live around the world . When I was two and five, I
lost the two most important people in my life, My dad and
My grandpa . Let's start with my dad, I may of been very
young when I lost him but he meant everything to me, he was
the person I got my love for music from [ i will speak
about my love for music later on ], he looked alot like me
and he gave me most of my good and bad qualities and i miss
him every second of every single dayyy ! Then theres my
grandfather, who was my best friend, and he's the person I
get my appetite from =P He read me poems and sang me songs,
he was there keeping up with my tomboy self, playing
football, catching me when I fell down from climbing
rocks.. he was the most amazing person in the world, a
little kid in a grandpa's body, until one day, I went into
his room and he was on the floor, I rushed up to my mom, at
first she didnt get what was going on, she was still half
asleep, she rushed down stairs, and stormed in to his room,
checking his pulse figuring out it was going very slow, she
called the firemen [ always call the fire men there so much
faster then the ambulance ], he was tooken to the hospital
and all most immediatly they told us he has a stroke [ i
was a month from being 4 years old ]. He was in one
hospital for about 6 months, finding out kids werent aloud
to visit, Mom decided to move him to another hospitial, for
next 6 months, we came to visit him almost everyday, he was
paralised, watching him be still, not talk nor smile,
killed me. One day, a couple months after I turn five, we
came to see him, me and Mom told him how we love him so
much, and that he will always be in our hearts, we spent
around an hour with him holding his hand, then it was time
for us to go, so we gave him a kiss, told me him we would
see him tomorrow . Walking towards the door of our car,
about to open the door, a nurse rushes out, takes my mom
and tells her "Im sorry but your father just passed away",
watching my mom burst in tears made me die in side, then
the curious girl I am, I asked my mom if thats what
happened to dad, the reason he wasnt around for three years
was because he was dead, I got one simple answer "YES", Yes
thats all I got, I now understand she was speechless, her
father had died, my grandpa, and my bestfriend . I've had
so much happen to me in my life, the only thing, that
realives me from my pain is music, the amazing world of
music . Mom and Dad always told me how I could sing before
I could even talk, I loved the spotlight, everytime I
guests would come, you would see me in the middle the room,
belting out Lion King. I love music, its my life, its the
blood that runs in my vains and the thing that touches my
soul. I play guitar, piano, I sing and write my own lyrics
and one day I plan on bring hope to the world, with my
music . But when I was around 6, I developed a passion for
acting, I love acting, I love how you can take any role,
small or big, and become anybody you want, be a mother, be
a clown, be a princess, anything you want , Thats the
amazing thing about acting, it can take you anywhere and
everywhere . I've been through so many things in my life
its CRAZY ! One thing that happened, which is extrodinary,
and the one thing I never thought would happen being so
young, I was about nine, I was one day playing this stupid
computer game called Puzzle Pirates, one day out of the
blue, I interact with this boy named Matthew for short
Matt, He asked for my email, and he told me after a week,
he had a little crush on me, and asked to be his
girlfriend, you know its kind of strange not knowing
somebody, and never meeting him, so thought I would try and
I said yes . We emailed every single day, oh he way eleven,
every single day, literally, and one day out of the blue,
something I never knew was gonna happen, happened, I fell
inlove, Yes, I was only 9 but I fell inlove, and I'm still
inlove with him now and he is inlove with me, and has been
for these past four years, around a year ago, we grew apart
and broke up but recently were back in touch, and I asked
him if I could be his baby girl once again, and Im awaiting
his answer . He lives in America, Normal Illinois to be
exact, he has blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, plays
American Football and also plays guitar, piano, drums,
bass, and sings . He is the love of my life, and he will
always be in my heart, even in 50 years .
The queen is calling for the computer, the second half of
my life is left for tomorrow,
Thank you for reading,
Peace out,
and let the music live,
Shninerzz . [ my nickname ]