My Lady & I
2010-03-22 20:00:41 (UTC)

Lady Alex

Today I started as a gardener on a local estate after
serving three years at horticultural college. This is my
first proper job and as I’m going to be working alone it’s
quite a step to take but if the rest of the days go like
this one I will be laughing, or broken – not sure which.

The day started by meeting the agent for the estate outside
the office at 8:30. He spent an hour showing me where
everything is and then handed me the keys to the garden
before leaving me. He suggested that I should take time to
look around the place and take stock of what was there.
During our tour he also pointed out that I would be working
with direct supervision from the family and not him so for
that reason in future I have to report for work at the hall
in future and added that the owners would be in touch
sometime during the today.

I had another look around the greenhouses after he left,
not that there was much to see as the previous gardener
left some time ago so any plants that were in the
greenhouses were worse for wear. I then went back in the
potting shed and was busy rooting around in there when I
was stopped in my tracks by the sound of a female voice it
was pleasantly spoken in an upper class accent. This I
assumed was the family getting in touch. I felt a shiver
down my back, partly because I was nervous of meeting the
family for the first time and also the voice just did
something to me. Straight off it excited me and I’m not
sure why. I quickly left off what I was doing and turned to
answer the woman who was now standing framed by the door
way of the potting shed. Once again I felt overcome by some
wonderful power.

‘Ah, there you are’, she said in that excitingly posh voice.

She is a tall slim woman in her late twenties or early
thirties, I’m five feet ten inches and she is every bit my
height. She had long blonde hair in loose curls that fell
over her shoulders and was wearing a short leather jacket
which hugged her willowy frame as did the dark blue jeans
which showed off her beautifully formed hips and long
slender legs to perfection. My eyes finally came to rest on
her knee length leather boots. Of course all this was taken
on board in an instance as was the fact that this woman to
me was stunningly beautiful with perfect curves in all the
right places, her eyes were hypnotic and had a voice that
brought my heart to the verge of an attack. She had the
power to render my brain to mush.

I quickly answered, ‘yes miss’, I couldn’t think of
anything more constructive to say.

‘Are you getting you bearings?’ she asked.

Again I replied that I was.

She held out her hand so after checking that mine was
clean, it would be a sin to contaminate such beauty with a
dirty hand. I took her hand in mine in order to shake
hands. As my hand wrapped around hers my heart skipped yet
another beat. I couldn’t have been more excited if this had
been the first kiss of a new girl friend, I never imagined
a boss ever having such an effect on me. Now that I was
close to her I could smell her, she smelled as beautiful as
she looked and sounded. I was feeling almost dizzy with
desire as she held on to my hand with her cool delicate
fingers, I didn’t dare squeeze too hard for fear I damaged
them. I had suddenly become aware of a developing erection
in my pants. It was most uncomfortable because it was
trying to expand in a position that was impossible to do so
and I dare not re-adjust myself to accommodate it for fear
of dawning attention to it. Again this all happened in
split seconds, in fact the time it took for her to
introduce herself as Lady Alexandra and going on to say
that the rest of the staff refer to her as Lady Alex and I
must feel free to do the same.

She let go of my hand and moved to my side and asked me a
few questions about where I lived and whether I thought I
would enjoy working alone and all things of that nature.
All the while she was brushing my arm with hers. I wasn’t
sure what to make of it as she was definitely invading my
body space. On the one hand I felt a little uncomfortable
about being this close but on the other each touch sent a
thrill through my body. I’ve wondered since if it was some
kind of domination thing as I’ve heard that business men
etc. do it to assert their influence over others. If so I
have no objection to being dominated by Lady Alex what so
ever, what guy would object to being dominated be her?
During our talk she said that I was to report directly to
her as Mr Peters (The agent) was not involved with the day
to day running of the house and her husband was away a lot
but may ask me to do some things when he is here. She had a
very dominant yet friendly manner about her, she was also
free with her smiles and each one shot an arrow in to my
heart as did her regular glances in to my eyes. If only I
had the nerve to hold on to her stare. I thought I’d been
in love with all the girls I’ve been out with so far but
now I know I hadn’t really been in love with any of them at
all. None of them made my heart race like my lady does,
none of them were ever as perfect as she. It makes me a
little sad to think that the only girl I will ever really
love is not only married but is also in another class to
me. I will do whatever she asks of me, the rest will have
to come from within me. As she left I followed her out
taking note of her soft silky golden hair draped over her
shoulders. How I would love to stroke that hair and caress
those shoulders and run my hand down her back just as I
would love to spend hours looking in to her eyes and
kissing those sweet lips. During our little talk my
erection had subsided a little but as soon as my eyes came
to rest on her glorious bottom everything began to once
again stir. Each firm mound was a perfect handful crying
out for me to take a hold. Thank goodness she turned round
to wish me well and say that she hoped I enjoyed being here
and that if there was ever anything I needed to not be
afraid to ask. My lady is so sweet and beautiful and kind,
I’m sure I will enjoy myself very much.

There was something very pressing that she could have given
me a hand with but I would never dare suggest it, instead I
returned to the potting shed and when all sound of her had
gone I rested my backside against the work bench and sort
to relieve myself. It was only a few short seconds before I
was expelling all the pent up desire clean across the
potting shed and on to the work bench along the opposite
wall. I’d never know such a release and I dedicated it to
my lady, hopefully just one of many dedications I will be
making to her.

I know, it wasn’t very professional of me and it’s not
something one should make a habit of in work time but it
had to be done there and then.

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