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2010-03-22 18:35:36 (UTC)

A thoughtful mood

It seems as if this dairy may come to have a better fate
than the one rotting in hell (under my bed). As i have a
strange urge to come back to this one and share my
problem. There's too much to think about! I couldn't sleep
last night. Actually. So maybe if I list some of the
things I'm thinking about, it'll help. Maybe.

1) Alex (that one's a regular)
2) What tattoo i'll draw today
3) How to get to school when you can't skateboard on wet
4) Which assigntments were due in today... Havn't done any
of them!
5) Where the hell doozy (my cat) was last night.
6) How I think too much.

I guess I'm walking to school, as the rain is pelting down
even heavier now that i'm late. Bye.

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