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2010-03-22 12:21:21 (UTC)

day 2-morning

Good morning world!!! This won't be long i have a bus to
catch in like 3 min... lol
So i had this dream last night that i met my goal wieght it
was amazing... I can't wait to make that dream come true!!
ITs raining and its monday... officially not a good day. Rain
means that my friend Okoya can't come over... he graduated
last yr and we're like best friends! Sadly i like never get
to see him anymore. We had plans to hang out today but with
the rain idk.
I have band today!! YAY! that means i get to see my FAVORITE
trombonist.. aka dan the guy i like. He's the sweetest dude
ever!!!!!! Can't wait to see him today! Ask for help from
someone thats way better than me! :D well I gtg catch the
bus. I'll write again this afternoon or night to catch up my
readers on my weird life!

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