Joshua Moore

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2010-03-22 08:12:54 (UTC)

Its 4am on a Monday. the 22nd of March in the year of 2010.

This is my Diary's first entry, Last night the Senate has
passed a bill that violates the very principle of the United
states. I was appropriately angered and am still. I am told
its not natural for a man of 21 to concern himself with these
things but I find myself puzzled that so few others realize
the path the nation is walking down. I have all my self held
dear the idea of Personal Sovereignty... I am my own man, I
live and will one day die by,from,for and with all of the
choices I make in life. I have no need nor desire to get help
from a government which has the right hand never fully understanding what the left hand is doing... and a head inconveniently placed up the rectum. These people arn't my

Enough about this though,Sandra a good friend of mine was
right when she told me I am " too" into following these
things. Its not healthy to be consumed by any one thing and
for this reason I wont dwell on the issue so much. Those that
dont know me may find it hard to understand what I am talking
about but most who do know me agree I've been following it way
to much.

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