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2010-03-22 08:06:21 (UTC)

An e-dairy? What about your skateboard?

I'm still recovering from the why-the-hell-would-you-do-
something-as-dorky-as-this stage, but who cares? Anja has
an e-dairy now. Got a problem? No, I didn't think so.
Anyway, life is sweet, Alex (my boyfriend) is sweeter but
i need something to hold all my thoughts, and this e-dairy
could be just what i need. Or it could be something like
the real dairy under my bed that i wrote in for a few
weeks and then gave up on... a wise friend once said, only
time will tell. Today, i spent most of science class on
a "tattoo" on my arm (permenant marker). And its one of
the best yet, two As intertwined. One big and one small,
because i'm a little shorter than Alex. Just a little.

My purple mane needs a good dousing in shampoo before
people start to mistake me for a grape grease ball. So
i'll go do that now. For anyone who reads this, have a
nice day / night. I'm in quite a nice mood today, so don't
be expecting dairy entries as chirpy as this one on a
regular basis. l8r.

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