my life
2010-03-22 00:43:21 (UTC)

day 1 part 2

my mom works for her sister..my aunt..who also owns the apt we live in and bought half the stuff in it!!! as a result my aunt and uncle rule our lives... It sucks!!!! My mom works alot so i have alot of time on my own. I spend alot of that time with my best friend maggie and her bf mike. Oh and my friend kris. Its hard with them at times cuz like me maggie is very over weight and they love mcdonald's!!!! I love mcdonald's too but i can't eat it. Its so lame!!!! Lately I've been getting them to go on walks with me around the pond by my house. Its almost 2 miles.. Its so fun. Anyways on sundays i have to go to work with my mom. Which really sucks cuz then i have to deal with my aunt and uncle talk about how badly i need to lose weight and at the same time deal with my 4 yr old cousin bewa brat. If it weren't for my almost 1 yr old cuz i would probablY go crazy.....she understands me. Lol. Idk what i would do he i didn't see her atleast once a week. I think She's gonna be just like me. She looks just like i did as a baby. She rocks. I don't wanna go to school tomorrow. Ugh. Good might world.