Girl who wants to be free
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2010-03-21 22:43:54 (UTC)


Today has been more or less a normal day I watched "the perfect man"
sound kinda crap but it wasn't half bad it was actually benificail fir me it
inspired me to write things I feel not keep things bottled up and that well
my life ain't half bad. School is just soo not good and I have so much work
to do art, geography, statistics and English. I so regret picking geography
and art as a subject there both crap it's not that I'm not good at them I'm
actually really good at art and not bad at geography but geography is soo
boring I want to go to bed in that lesson and art the teacher is just shit.
Statistics well I can't be bothered to be honest and English I am soo shut
at soo I don't even bother with it at times.

Wants to be free of all these things

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