my life
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2010-03-21 22:02:40 (UTC)

day 1

day one of my diary...day thirty two of my diet. my mom and i are doing the biggest losrr diet..why u ask..well cuz we need to. im a jr in high school and before i started this i was 232lbs and wore a size 18 jeans. i needed a huge change. now im down to 204..i still have a ways to go. i wanna be atleast a size nine before i quit. who knows... i was just tired of being the fat girl... end of story.. Im gonna call myself lizzy n this. thats not my real name but oh well. other things u should kno..i play field hockey...babysit...and im the only girl trombonist in my school band...i really like this one guy at skool too he plays trombone too.....thing is i also like this guy imet online...he lives like 15 min away and is super cute. In gonna meet him on thursday!!!! :-)