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2010-03-21 12:39:11 (UTC)

Some return at your questions - university

Hallo, how do you do? This is a copy of reply to your
question about university.

The university depends on each country I guess. But to have
time and a silente place to study, they help.
Last week my teacher of informatiks said the room was full
of students, then she got a third party go out to study
next year, but with no warranties the class would be at
night too. Yes this is a public university, and teachers
just pass the lessons at dashboard and wants much more on
Almost half of students get the recovery tests, mean it.
And most of them cant pass the next season and does it
again. Only those have many time and or are come from a
technology high school pass this first year. In my country
there is college and university, the first are the same to
form professionals and second, doctors.
The people that studies at paid universities and colleges
have more lucky, or not. They just pass because they pay
monthly costs. So they dont learn much things.
Important is to believe and go foward. I do it at first
year and even cant pass on five lessons, I past on the rest
nine lessons. I am still there, but started on a paid, then
tranferred to that public because of more complete lessons.
The doctor of this university receive reasonable payments
for my country basis. And party of their life, they earn to
do reasearches.
Good luck in your dreams, that they come true.
Oh yeah I invested in somethings but could be passed
without them, a new printer(uni has 30 sheet mtly quote or
paid bureau), some books(theres is library even wait list),
a mini wifi computer(lack of computer on lab).
Thanks by reading.