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2010-03-21 15:19:38 (UTC)

Results of Cheating boyfriend

I started getting sick and sex started becoming painful so
i decided to go to the doctor. She checks everything out
and tells me that it looks fine but took samples and told
me they would call me. The two weeks went by so slow, and
meanwhile my symptoms got worse, sex got painful and then
yeah the dreadful breaks outs came. I called the hotline
and asked if i should go to the hospital but the lady told
me no and then the next works that came out of her mouth
were words that I never wanted to hear....she told me not
to worry and that I did not need to go to the hospital and
that I was just having an outbreak. She told me to sit in
a warm bath and put teabags on my outbreaks. OUTBREAKS???
she said the symptoms I was having were normal and that
they were sypmtoms that people have when they are having a
herpes outbreak.

My test results hadn't come in yet so I was still hoping
for the best, I was praying that maybe it was HPV and not
herpes. They told me they would only call me if my results
came back positive....

Two weeks passes and I had no calls, whew I was in the
clear, the outbreaks were gone and I could go on to live a
normal life again. WRONG...they called me in three weeks,
the results took a little longer because of the snow storm
so they were calling to give me my results. My doctor was
calling to confirm that I do in fact have HSV 2 and that I
could come in at any time and pick up my medicine.

Now I feel so lost, I've been avoiding my friends and
family, I feel so dirty, even though I don't look like I
have herpes I do. Just like all the girls my boyfriend was
fuckin when he got herpes and gave it to me. I am so
ashamed and I really want someone to share it with but
just when I feel that I am ready to share and tell someone
I back out. The only one I can talk to about it is my
boyfriend and he is the one I am the most upset with. I
now have to take 2 pills a day every day for the rest of
my life. I found this all out about a month ago and I
still can't get to a point where I am dealing with it.
*sigh* I know if there was at least one other person I
could talk to about this I could possibly get past it,
everyone see's a beautiful woman on the outside but on the
inside I feel far from beautiful.

Lady Ti