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2010-03-20 21:00:32 (UTC)

Can you think too much?

I know I can't be alone; when I go to bed; dead tired - and
though so tired I couldn't do more then think about sleep -
all I do once in bed; is think!

I make lists in my head; chastise myself for not doing this;
or for having done this.

I run over everything which was said or done from the
moment; my head became aware it was no longer asleep; until
I have fallen in to bed to go to sleep.

The more I tell myself to stop thinking and to sleep - I am
now thinking about sleeping; and getting to sleep - instead
of actually sleeping.

The sun rises on a very short night; and I wake with lists
of things to do; things not to do - or things to think about.

I think, and I rationalize! I'd like to be extremely
spontaneous; and act without thinking - just do it! To hell
with the consequences - just do this or that!!

Nope, not me! I will know the pro's and con's; before I do
this or that. Perhaps 99.999% of the time - I stop; and
determine why I should or I shouldn't do something.

The time I don't stop is so minuscule; you could put it on
the head of a pin; .001%!! So, practically never, do I not