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2010-03-20 18:52:47 (UTC)

Todays the 21 March 2010

Heeeey (:
Sorry i haven't writen in you for awhile.
But today i am starting again to try reach perfection. I'm
too fat and i don't want to be anymore. I wanna be seen on
the street and people look and wish they were like me.
Thats what i do to other people and i want people like me
to do that to me.
I'm sick of trying nad being tempted to eat. So this time
if i give in i am going to kill myself and i definitely
will this time. I've already got 134 pills to over dose.
Fingers crossed that i succeed.

I attend hagley high school now its going okayish at the
moment. I have strong feelings for my ex Molly, shes a
wonderful chick i wish i never broke up with her but she
was waaaaay to involved with her ex, i tried to accept it
it much as i could but i just couldn't. And now she says
she was never really over her and now they are back
togther, I don't know if i should trust her or not.

Lately i hvae been having play backs on what my dad did to
me, and its driving me fucking crazy, I tried to hang
myself last week because of it. I can't handle it.
I can't wait till hes dead hopefully he'll leave me alone
when he is. I know its sad to say but he treated me so

Aayways i'm smoking cigs now have been for awhile. but i
plan on giving up when the school holidays get here.

I have to go now, Will write to you tomorrow.