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2010-03-20 16:06:22 (UTC)

Saturday, March 20th,2010/10:55a.m./3:55p.m.

Well I woke up at 9:42A.M. and looked outside and it was
snowing how gay is that. Then I went back to sleep. I didn't
wake up until now though so I really have nothing to say
except that I went to the bathroom and looked outside again.
So I'll just talk about myself to you diary! Well my name is
Kailyn Marie Campbell. I live in Bixby,Oklahoma with my
mother Jennifer (Jenny) ,my father Robert (Rob), my little
brother Jason (Jay)(who is only 9 years old),and my little
brother/sister that my mom is pregnant with. Also I work at
Savastano's Pizzeria (my grandparents own that) I just bus
tables there I make $30 dollars tips for working from 6-9.
Although sometimes I don't make tips when I clean 90% of
there tables. OK well diary I'm going to eat breakfast now

So ummm now it's about 4:00 and I am at my grandparents
house. Now I'm on my three e-mails accounts and on
youtube.com. I'm listening my song called "I 3 ?". It's for
my x-boyfriend Kress Woodward cause when we broke he was
wondering who I liked now so I put I 3 ? on the back of my
hand. He now knows who It is since me and my boyfriend Alex
Poyner have been going out since last June! If anyone is
wondering where my parents are they went to a car show. Well
tonight I might go to church with my grandparents. I dont
know yet but I do know that my parents and little brother
are going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!! I'm going to the
Black Eyed Peas concert tonight!!" I Love Lamp!"- Steve
Carell in Anchorman