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2010-03-20 11:50:07 (UTC)

my life (story fictional)

first of all this is my first time ever writing in a diary,
so i guess i shouldn't be that good.Im a perfectionist so it
still bugs me.
first of all my life is fine. my friends are fine. my love
life is a little not so fine but that doesn't mean i have to
get a diary.
I love my friends. I like hanging by my self sometimes but
when i need someone they're always there for me.I don't only
have girl friends i have boy friends to. They're all cool
they help me out too.
my love life i cant say is good but i don't mind even if
there is this boy in my class. He's my friend but i don't
think he thinks of me as more as just that. He has a
girlfriend but she doesn't seem right for him. I never really
actually see them together. I've never actually dated anyone
because my mom doesn't let me. I think its because my dad and
her got divorced and she doesn't want me to have the same
heartbreak that she did. When I first found out about that i
cried my eyes out. it seems like i've been doing a lot of
that lately.