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2010-03-20 11:48:31 (UTC)

Testing my brain

I have decided to test what the big blob in my skull can do
if i will to. The parts I am interested about are short term
memory and pattern recognition processing.

I have planned to try remembering randomly arranged cards
flipped one after another and see how far I can remember the
sequence. Just done it for four days. Now using a set of
five drawn cards. Of course I am recording the results. Now
there are two parts, the suits and the numbers. Numbers is
easy, but remembering suits is looking challenging. Two
things to be done at the same time.

For patterns I am doing sudoku and noting the time. I am
doing. medium puzzles and noting the time.
Right now I have slowed down(5 days). Maybe it is because I
am stressing myself thinking of the outcome.

Well, wish myself all the best. Saw the selective attention
test at And I
missed the main star. Now there's a question; what is better?
Alertness or attention? As a geek, I will like to go with
the second choice. It will be awesome to solve geometry
problems on sand like Archimedes when there's a war going
on. But u can lose your head if u are not alert :).


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