Halana's secret
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2010-03-20 07:15:52 (UTC)

is he sneaking around

I don't know what to think anymore with my husband he has
been doing some sneaky things lately today he went to the
neighbors and was over there for about an hour I went and
knocked on the door he says they didn't hear me hmm makes
me wonder if he is messing around on me then he is always
going to his moms is he meeting up with a girl there
whenIm with him at his moms he always leaves and is gone
for awhile then the latest thing is he took my laptop
upstairs and told me he was filling out an application but
come to find out he didn't do that then I get online
tonight and my history on the computer has been wiped
clean its pretty bad I don't trust him anymore he has
gotten so distant and never wants to be around me or spend
time with me he never talks to me its like he is just a
distant friend that comes over here and there he dosen't
even sleep here anymore he always stays at his mothers I
just don't know where to turnn anymore I basicly live by
myself and have a bit of a sugar daddy he pays the bills I
keep the house clean and cook meals other than that I
don't see him

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