Our Baby's Journey
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2010-03-19 23:05:21 (UTC)

2 Weeks to go

Today is March 19th 2010 and in exactly 2 weeks Jesse,
myself and his mother will be on our way to San Dimas,Ca. I
have scheduled my tubal reversal with Dr. Chun for April

At this moment I should of started my cycle 3 days ago but
for some reason (probably stress) I have not. I really hope
it comes and goes before surgery or we will have to

If, no let me be positive and say WHEN this surgery works
and we are able to conceive, this will be my 5th child and
Jesse's 2nd. Its been kind of a tough couple months leading
up to this point. There have been many people who think
that I am crazy for doing this, that I have enough children
already and that I should actually just have a hysterectomy.

My reasons for having this surgery are not only so we can
try for another baby, but also hoping that it brings relief
from PTLS that I have been suffering with over the last 10
years. I have to admit that although I am a person that
doesn't let what other people think about me affect me, on
this subject it has. I dont know why I feel the need to
have everyone's approval or blessing, but after talking it
over with Jesse and my parents I feel better about having
this done regardless of other peoples opinions.

In the end all the really matters to me is to have the
support of my family and loved ones. Mission accomplished!

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