Confessions of a Thief
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2010-03-19 22:43:58 (UTC)


Heavy subject I know and I am the last person to comment on
morrality, but screw that I wake up turn on the tv and the
first thing I seen is some lady airing her dirty laundry.
Poor Tiger Woods sure he has a morbid and somewhat clouded
sense of love and yes he has probably hurt the women he
vowed himself too, but why do the women who screwed him want
the world too know. More importantly why does the world want
to know They are no better than prostitutes dirty skanky
whores who want to fuck up someones life.

The media assists these immoral people by buying the story
because the world wants to see someone suffer how screwed up
is that, really I want to know. If the skanks sleep with a
married celebrity then run to the media and shout i'm a
dirty trollop pay me lots of cash and I will tell the world
how much of a slut I am. The world waits on thier every word
like it is right and good and that these things are good
people not the whores they really are.

He screwed up cheated on his wife let them deal with it if
she is stupid enough to take his cheating black arse back
then let her. Why is the media trying to help destroy this
guy he has already been humiliated beyond understanding, but
this is not enough we want to break him in half and then
keep breaking. When does it stop, when he knocks himself,
when he has lost everything? how many people cheat on thier
so called loves?

The world is a sick place especially if it wants to see
others suffer, I understand this all you have to look at are
the countries were we allow children to die from diseases we
can cure. The world is fucked up i'm a criminal yet i'm
certain my morals are far more decent than 90% of the worlds
funny that isn't it when a criminal becomes the champion for

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