Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-19 16:20:10 (UTC)

(March 17th)

We went out on Wednesday night and of course it wasn't
what I had expected. First of all he decides that
Wednesday is the day he needs to do paperwork at the
office. He has all week but that's the day he chooses. I
was really looking forward to it. At lunch I went grocery
shopping to buy the things for the tacos which I said I
was going to make. I called him confirm that we were
still on and reminded him that I got off at 6pm. I was
supposed to go a tango lesson that day but instead I
decided to skip it so that Sweet Buns and I could spend
more time together,

When I called him as I was leaving work he told me that he
needed some thing and that I had time to go and change if
I wanted to. I originally wanted to go home pick up my
dancing shoes and go to the lesson but it was going to be
too hectic. I called him again at about 7:30 and he was
still at work. I ended up having to go to the apartment
to meet some people that had were coming to see the
wardrobes that he's selling. He didn't show up until

Had I known I wouldn't have missed my lesson. Anyway we
decided to skip Tacos and a movie and go to a Pub ( It was
St Patrick's day) we had a few drinks but there were allot
of awkward moments of silence and h kept saying " you got
nothing to say?" It's like he sits there looking for
thing are wrong, Picking at every single one of my flaws,
we ended up leaving that place and going somewhere else.
We were having fun at first but of course he had to make
another comment that pissed me off, Why is he doing
this? Is he trying to justify the break up? He's looking
for things to argue about. When we got back to the
apartment we obviously got into an argument but towards
the end we were able to turn it around and not go to bed
angry ( that used to be our rule) and he said what I
thought was the sweetest thing " I love you, You crazy
bitch" we spent the night together and in the morning he
got a little physical. I love feeling him inside of me,
It's not even about the sex, it;s about the way our bodies
connect. It gives me Goosebumps. Needless to say I was
smiling all day just thinking about him