Diary of a Break Up
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2010-03-19 16:02:56 (UTC)

A little Poem ( dedicated to Sweet Buns)

I miss you. The little things you do.
The way you bite your tongue when you're focused
The way you curl you feet when when you watch a movie and
it shows heights
The way you smile when you make a stupid joke
The way you blush when you let one go

And I miss you also. When I don't hear your voice
When we don't have dinners together
When watching movies together is no longer a choice.
And you playing your guitar is no longer a common noise.

But I miss you mostly. In the middle of the night
When I turn in bed and you're not there
When I wake up in the morning to find myself alone
When every two seconds I look at my phone

And so I miss you, more than any of these words can express
More then every clever line
More than life itself

And I'll miss you always, even when we move on
When our lives take different paths and the memories of us
just roam.
Because you were My lover, My teacher, My man, My
motivation, My desire. My destiny and My bestfriend

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