The ME File
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2010-03-19 06:24:00 (UTC)

My Hopes for Today...

My husband and I are currently hoping to purchase a 40
acre piece of land to move a trailer house onto. I am
hoping that my Tupperware business will take off enough
for me to be able to slowly build a nice home for us to
live in.

We are planning to raise cows, sheep, chickens, and
possibly hogs as well. This will hopefully be enough to
supplement our income as my business is new and I am not
making much on it right now.

My two older kids will start preschool at home this fall.
My husband and I will be attending a MACHE homeschool
conference in April to help us get started with that
dream. I am looking forward to teaching the kids all that
I can (with help from their dad, of course).

We seem to have a lot going for us right now, but it seems
that we do that often and it usually falls through. I get
super disappointed when it does, but I am learning to hold
my head up through hard times and disappointment even in
the midst of them.

God has plans for all of us and I know that he will show
me what His plans for us are in due time.

"Dear Heavenly Father,
I just pray that you'll watch over us as we make some big
decisions in the next couple of months. Please guide and
direct us and be there for us in thick and thin times.
Please help me in making my business grow quickly and