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2010-03-19 05:07:51 (UTC)

Cant....Dont Understand?

Look at my life, if you take a glance, there are certain
bumps in the road. One: Dylan...Dylan Wright. I realize
that I must REALLY love him. I repeat his name over and
over again in my head. Dylan...Dylan...Dylan... I
constantly write about him...To PUBLIC WAYS. People I dont
even KNOW...are reading about this dying passtion I have
for this man. TWO: Skilyn... She starts her drama. All
over the place. And ruins it for everyone. Three: My
parents...There Non-stop trouble. My dad smokes, and has a
whole new family. That he loves more. And here I am again.
Venting my feelings out to the whole world. My mom: She
smokes, too. But she doesnt have a whole new world she
lives in. Although, sometimes I wish I could just open the
door, and jump into a black hole, and drift off into
another world. Another world in which I can do anything!

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