My drama filled life as STACEY
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2010-03-19 04:50:15 (UTC)

The week after the big BRAKE UP

Dear diary of drama,
Let me tell u that after the whole brake up between Rae and
shaquan, he didn't come to school for three days... Let me just say that no
one cared except for his sluty girlfriend who one the fourth day found out
that her "sweet", "inocent" boyfriend is now in jail for 6 months for stealing
from two 10 year old little boys and then raping them. I knew from the
start that he was a pervert when I caught him looking down my shirt. Well
anyways Jennifer Shaquan's girlfreind came Nd told us the "pathetic" story
about how this was a hole miss uderstanding and how she just wants to
be friends. To keep this on record she only wants to be friends so Rae
doesn't kick her ass which that's what was going o happen till we all
decided that she's not worth it. This is a tipical teenage girls life. You do
something wrong ur going to pay for it. That's just how it is. Everywhere
not just at Granada. So then that girl Jennifer started to get scared and
nobody was going to tell her that Rae wasn't going to kick her ass
anymore just so she would pay for what he did. She hid for about 2 weeks
or so and she finally grew some tiny balls to actually come up to us ad
apologize to Rae and blame it all on Shaquan. So I guess u can say that
are now "friends" but we still HATE HER for outing Rae through this
pain....O and she continues to talk about us behind our backs so hopefully
she is waiting for a beat down because we are about to knuckle up. I'm
not into this whole fitting thing and neither is Rae but she will beat some
one up if she has to. If Jennifer had just apologized like she did an didn't
start talking shit then maybe we would be friends but NOPE she decided
to just run her little mouth so nobody is talking to her until she decides to
actualy mean why she says and be nice and loyal wait that's a dog o well
she looks like one anyways. (Sorry I'm just really mad right know)