The Chronicles of Trouble
2010-03-18 23:22:44 (UTC)

New friend

I think I made the right decision today in meeting up
with this person even though I wasn't prepared nor ready
to. I was a little nervous at first because I am used to
being judged because of my appearance but I was surprised
to see that she never said a word about my tattoos. Well,
she did ask about the one on my chest, but everyone does
because they don't get it. I really had a good time even
though I felt terrible for having her pay for my meal..
She did say I will pay next time which made me happy. I
mean, that does mean there will be a next time. I am
actually excited about it. She was really funny and easy
to talk to. Not to mention her boyfriend and my husband
are alike (from what we both can see). I cannot wait until
we all get together. It's going to be so exciting!! It was
amazing to see how well we got along. It felt as if we
have been friends for a while which made me feel really
comfortable. I cannot wait until our next meeting. :-)

So temptation has occured once again. I know what I want,
but I am not to sure about what I should do. I have one
person telling me to go for it so I can just get it out of
me and another telling me not to be stupid, it isn't worth
it. For one, I can tell you that if I do it and it's
great, I will do it again. I mean, c'mon, I will try
anything once and twice if I like it and Lord knows I sure
do.. Oh boy, no good can come of this at all..