Diary of an Emo
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2010-03-18 17:24:29 (UTC)

Calming and unknown friends

My parents and sister are making jokes about me all the time.
I tell them to stop and that its not funny, but they continue doing it.
For example they did this:

I say some things a lot, like 'leave me alone' or 'go away' or 'trust me for once'
and all that shit.
They started to note the things down.
They laughed and wrote down the things I said.
When I told them to stop they wrote that down too.
Then I went to my room, sat in a corner with screamo music and cry.

Im not emo, i just love screamo music.
And you know, when ur depressed, it actually really helps to sit in the corner,
lights out, eyes closed, and forget everything.
Forget that the world exists.
Forget ur parents, ur friends.
Forget urself.
Thinking of nothing, and calming yourself.

I write blogs because its the only way I can express myself.
Where I have friends whose names I dont know.
Friends who actually take the time to read this.

Im talking about you.