baby shaq

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2010-03-18 15:54:30 (UTC)


Today in gym we were able to run the mile. It was the
worst time that i have ever run in the mile. I wanted to
run outside but we ran inside. It was a really bad time to
run. I ran it early in the morning. I ran it in 9:06 which
is really bad.

I was really mad and i asked could i run it again.
Mr.Lucero told me about the reasons why we couldnt run the
mile outside. I still wish we could run outside but it was
not my decision. I still want to redo it.

I still wish he had not made me do it inside. I really
think i could have done so much better. I wish that we
were at my home school so i coul do it again. But
eventually i will get over it

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