Life of mine .
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2010-03-18 15:25:24 (UTC)


So following what happend 2 weeks ago (for anyone who
dosnt know, i got raped and i have sighns of pregnancy) ,
i could have a baby growing inside me.

Im getting a pregnancy test tommorow, and hopefully im

If this test is positive my other friend's mam ( who
knows ) said i could go live with them.

My boyfriend from my 3 year relationship finished me, as
he wouldn't belive me. He accused me of cheating on him
and i tried to explain, but he hit me and told me i was a

My boyfriend, then carried on saying stuff like, me and
the baby are better of dead, he then walked away, and two
days later i found out he had got my bestfriend pregnant.

I havn't spoken to either of them for a few days, ive been
in touch with another school and there happy to transfer
me there.

My bestfriend was supposed to be the one i could talk to,
and to turn to. Now i have nobody.

cya later,
S.s xxx

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