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2010-03-18 11:55:45 (UTC)

unhappy day

Today is unhappy day. I no has key for the office. So [he's]
will be late to office. At first i angry to heard that ,
because me need to wait [he's] or my boss to open the door.
In the lunch time, [he's] explain to me that he receive a
call from his family,that need [he's] settle thing so will
be late. Am still ok when heard that.

Today [he's ....] on mc leave. [He's ....] want to come
here to meet my boss,talk about part time things.I really
don't know are [he's ....] come here really about that or
have something else ... or want to spot us ??????

Am really Curious ? What i should do ?

The moment [he's ....] step in,my heart really really
uncomfortable. I can't told [he's] about my feel,because my
boss already hire [he's ....] to do part time.

From the day my office renovation until now my boss really
treat [he's] very very good .. Sometime me see the
situation my heart feel unbalance ..

I always told myself forget it .. be happy .. tomorrow
still have good thing happen to me.

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