40 Year Old Man
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2010-03-18 08:53:49 (UTC)

New new new !!

So, I can't even spell but here I am .
never had a Dairy before.

But I want to say so much it hurtz ,More like a ,
Journal / Dairy yeah .

I'm average in all aspects I believe ,
you know the important
Stuff ,Looks ,Intelligence , Luck ,Money , Attitude ,
kindness , you get the Picture .

What do I want from this ? Not sure I wish I had like a
pen pal female for some reason ,But I am Married happily ?

It's 2:00AM im so beat ,I want to feel good ,
Want to loose wieght ,want to be happy ,
Guess is what I'm doing will this help me find my self .

Maybe I can start by cleaning my computer room.

I got a Wife and 2 Son's 15 and 12 years Old .
Hope they can be independent some Day .

need rest type more tommorow.